Print Stylesheets The Book

Print Stylesheets The Book!

Thanks in advance for pre-ordering Print Stylesheets: The Book!

There is no solid release date for the book but we'll keep you updated via email occasionally about any updates and potential release dates. Just click the link below to preorder your copy now for £5. The book will sell for £12.99 on release so you're saving a lot of coin! ❤️

Why Pre-Order?

Glad you asked, there are three reasons;

  1. It helps to validate the idea – maybe no one actually wants to pay for a book about Print CSS
  2. It gives me additional impetus to finish the book – it will light a fire under me once I see I have people I have to deliver to!
  3. It will help me fund an editor for the book – editors aren't cheap, I want a good one!